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Wellinda offers specialized wellness supplements for women, focusing on menopause symptoms and overall health.

Reverse Health provides a women's only 12-week weight loss program addressing female physiology, promoting health, confidence, and longevity.

Wellinda partnered with Reverse Health to incorporate their knowledge of female physiology, expertise in menopause-related issues, and to collaborate with their team of certified health and wellness professionals.

Reverse Health members benefit from working with Wellinda, a trusted supplement maker with FDA-registered manufacturing facilities, thorough lab testing, and a shared commitment to improving women's health outcomes. This ensures high-quality, effective supplements to enhance their wellness programs.

This partnership benefits customers by applying Reverse Health's expertise to develop effective supplement formulas and ensuring the accuracy of lab testing results. This collaboration enhances the quality and efficacy of Wellinda's products, providing customers with reliable, evidence-backed wellness solutions.

Matt and Monika have been integrated into Wellinda's decision-making processes to ensure that supplements meet women's needs. Monika brings her extensive experience in women's health and wellness, guiding the development process, while Matt contributes his academic expertise in supplement design and testing, confirming the quality and efficacy of the products.

No, Wellinda and Reverse Health remain separate companies offering distinct products and services. For assistance with Reverse Health programs and membership, please reach out to Reverse Health directly.

For any questions regarding the supplements or their usage, you can reach out to Wellinda's customer service team through our website or contact your healthcare provider.